Add Your Voice

1. Record
Record a video on your computer webcam or phone.
(If recording on your phone please record it horizontally)
The video should open with your name, title and company.
Don't overthink your video and do not be critical about your performance.
2. Speak
Speak from the heart and share your current situation, ideas, tips and plans for getting through the COVID-19 crisis. How can we work together to get things back on track?

Think about your fellow business leader / entrepreneur that is struggling right now.
Let your guard down a little bit and be real. We want words of wisdom and encouragement.
3. Send
Once your video is complete please upload your video using WeTransfer.
There is file size limit of  2GB on the WeTransfer free service.

Send your video to

In the Comments section of WeTransfer please provide the correct spelling of your name, title and company. Also please include and email address or phone number.

Your video will be uploaded within 3 business days.

** Please note that videos containing negative commentary, criticism, political statements or sales pitches will not be posted on the site.