What We’re Hearing

Email from Alishia Klein, Canadian Natural Resources LimitedApril 23, 2015

“I personally like this initiative and look forward to seeing what comes of it. I think it’s a great example of the sense of community we have in Calgary and demonstrates the “small town” culture we still have, even though our city has grown.”

Article from OilWeek by Larry Clausen – Published on April 1, 2015

Now is not the time to stop talking energy

“Gr8 to see a project like @inittogetheryyc and @calgaryeconomic putting a voice on what makes #Alberta great! #yyc” – Tweet from Barry Davidson March 27, 2015

News article from Metro News – March 27, 2015

Calgary’s still a great place to live, $50 oil or not

“@InItTogetherYYC Thank you for starting this site. Reporting bad news is low hanging fruit.Great hearing positive perspective on here.” Tweet from Eric Myers March 23, 2015

“How about a little positivity? Created in #calgary for Calgarians but good for all of us! https://www.inittogether.ca/ @InItTogetherYYC”Tweet from Lisa Brandt March 18, 2015

Email from Darryl MooreMarch 17, 2015

We hear words like ‘rock bottom,’ ‘doom and gloom,’ and economic slowdown and we believe it is a choice and an attitude to participate or not. We choose not to participate. We choose to find opportunity. We choose to carry on with Alberta strength, Alberta passion and Alberta defiance, not to be driven by the winds of global choices. We create our own destiny here.

“In the 9 a.m. hour: why Calgarians are “in it together” in these tough economic times. Words of wisdom of #yyc leaders @InItTogetherYYC”Tweet from Kristy Peterson, March 14, 2015

Email from the Boys & Girls Club of Canada  – March 11, 2015 

Non-profits and the downturn – how we’re staying positive and delivering services to the most vulnerable

We’ve found at the Boys and Girls Club of Calgary that people are especially concerned about our vulnerable and at-risk youth in Calgary when the economy hits on hard times. That is so encouraging! For those who are housing insecure, for those where food scarcity is a real every day issue, for those who cannot access opportunity due to poverty, NOW is the time more than ever to remember and help those who feel, live and experience economic hard times acutely.

“In It Together is about the Calgarian way. A can-do roll-up your sleeves approach to opportunity.” – Tweet from Sarah Woodgate, March 12, 2015

News article by Jennifer Allford, The Calgary Herald – Published on: January 27, 2015

Keep Calm and Alberta On

Email from Irene Pfeiffer –  March 12, 2015 

We have been here before and we got through it. Negativity just sucks you dry. Alberta has been wonderful to me and my family and we don’t desert when a friend is hurting. Let’s be creative, look at the opportunities and go on as we always have. now is the time for the Alberta Spirit, helping neighbors, being kind to strangers and remembering that the sun always shines on Alberta. yes we have clouds but hey they even go away.

News article by Mark A. Hill, Penn Energy – Published on: March 10, 2015

Oil prices are down. So what?

Email from Jobickle  –  March 12, 2015 
I want to share with you my company- we are new and our goal is to improve how people find work. We are starting with the IT industry but we see this growing. We are a group of people who genuinely believe that the way people currently find work is broken and we want to make it better for people. We have created an online hub for IT skills which is free to use for job seekers and hiring managers. We have removed the gamification of job seeking as people are found based on their skills, not who they know. We have people every day from across Alberta and North america who reach out to us because they understand what we are doing and how much it is needed. As you point out the focus always being on layoffs threatens how people think. We want people to focus on moving on and getting a new job, a better job is a great way to do that. I would be happy to talk to anyone there about what we are doing. Our site is www.JOBICKLE.com

News article by Mario Toneguzzi, The Calgary Herald

In It Together campaign takes positive, inspirational look at the Calgary Economy
Calgary businessman launches campaign to counter economic doom and gloom

“Reminds me of “Yes we can” in the 80s. We did and we will again with leaders!” – Tweet from Don Boynton, March 12, 2015

Email from DOOR International Western Canada Inc. – March 11, 2015

I read in the Herald about this initiative and love what you are doing. I had recently posted an article on LinkedIn entitled “Doom and Gloom or Coming up Roses?” Very much aligned with what your initiative is wanting to convey and trying to help organizations focus on the opportunities and the importance of people and culture.